Together we will remove the financial barriers to care

Repatient helps patients afford care without sacrificing their health due to cost, while also accelerating provider cash flow and reducing patient delays or denials of care.

Ensuring all patients can afford the care they need

We are committed to becoming the most trusted patient financial support partner in healthcare.

Repatient exists to help remove the financial barriers to care that medical bills and ongoing debt create for so many.

We envision a world where all patients can conveniently review their medical bills and easily pay them now or over time.

Transforming how healthcare can be more accessible to all patients

Repatient is built on values that hold us to the highest ethical standards focused on serving the greater good of healthcare.

Patient first

The patient always comes first. We believe that patients deserve passionate and timely access to health care.

Compassion first

We embrace and are thankful for our opportunities to serve people in need as we become a positive force in their journey to better health.

Courage first

We stand up for what is right and are driven by our pursuit to revolutionize how patients can pay for their care.

Innovation first

We are committed to creating innovations that improve the financial outcomes for patients and their healthcare provider.

Ready to remove financial barriers to care?

Let’s talk about how we can offer your patients immediate healthcare financing options and a centralized platform to pay their bills.