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Payment plan overview

Details on payment plan features: payment terms, no interests, no credit score impact.

Payment plan enrollment

Information on the payment plan enrollment regarding balance and setup process.

Payment plan support

Details regarding patient support around managing their payment plan.

Provider administration support

Specifics about reviewing, modifying and offering payment plans, as well as revenue flow.

Patient billing program

Information about the billing process including billing delivery and payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Plan Overview

Is there ever any interest or other fees?


No. There is never any fees or interest charges on a payment plan.

How long are the payment terms?


Payment plans can go up to 60 months based on the financial need.

Could I be denied from getting a payment plan?


No. Plans are available to any patient regardless if insured or not.

Will this impact my credit rating or credit score?


No. We never pull a credit score or report to credit agencies.

Payment Plan Enrollment

Do I have to set up a payment plan for the full balance?


No. You can make upfront payments to your provider and then just finance the balance.

Can someone help me enroll in a payment plan?


Yes. Your provider and the Payment Support Team can enroll you in person or over the phone at (877) 705-5325.

What happens after I enroll?


You are immediately sent a notice with your payment schedule and details once the provider has had the opportunity to review your plan.

What happens if what I actually owe changes after I enroll?


If your payment plan balance changes, your monthly payment automatically adjusts to ensure you are not over or under-billed during your term.

Payment Plan Support

Will I be reminded about my monthly payments?


You will receive reminders 3 days before each monthly payment.

Can I make additional payments or pay off my plan early?


Yes. You can make additional payments at any time with no penalties.

Can I add a new bill to my existing payment plan?


Yes. You can add new bills to your current plan or set up new payment terms.

Who do I call if I have any issues or need to discuss my plan?


Our Payment Support Team is here to help with any questions at (877) 705-5325

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