A comprehensive patient engagement platform that includes digital-first billing, one-click bill pay, and fully integrated payment plans to meet any need.

Healthcare providers face new challenges in managing the cost of care

The healthcare industry faces unique challenges when it comes to revenue management:


of providers revenue from patient responsibility


of care delayed due to cost concerns


of bankruptcies tied to medical debt

Payment Plus
A fully integrated patient billing & payment solution

Simplify the patient payment process

Patients can quickly review their bills and choose payment options that fit their budget

Centralized payment options

Pay the complete or partial bill, or use payment plans when needed, all in one place

Payment reminders

Friendly, timely payment and delinquency reminders to increase patient payment rates.

Digital-first billing

An easy and modern payment platform similar to what we use in our day-to-day lives

Paper statements

Always included for patients that prefer non-digital bills

Live support

Our patient support team is ready to help with any payment question

Say goodbye to the challenges of patient payments

Removing the financial barriers to care

85% of patients want e-statements and over 73% of patients need payment flexibility.

Simple and secure process

Programs implemented in less than a month with minimal to no technical integrations.

Immediate improvements

Patients can enroll in minutes and providers improve cash flow in month 1.

Our partners have experienced the benefits of Repatient
“We found a way to not only really help patients struggling to pay their bills, but also to quickly improve our cash flow position.”
“Our affiliated hospitals have seen a tremendous improvement in cash flow and a reduction in their overall bad debt.”
“We have been able to provide our patients with a payment plan solution that truly shows we are here to help them any way we can.”

Ready to remove financial barriers to care?

Let’s talk about how we can offer your patients immediate healthcare financing options and a centralized platform to pay their bills.